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Complaint Procedure

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Complaints Procedure
Royal Cars prides itself on the service provided to customers, and the professionalism of its drivers and support staff, however we recognise that occasionally things can go wrong. This complaints procedure sets out how to complain if you feel it is necessary and how your complaint will be dealt with.

If you wish to complain, please contact the General Manager. You can do this by letter to:

General Manager
Royal Cars
2A Stephenson Street
Thornaby On Tees
TS17 6AL
or by ourcontact form

Please give us as much information as you can to enable us to identify the driver or other member of staff concerned together with a full explanation of your complaint.

Such information might include the name of the driver, the registration number of vehicle involved, the date, time and place of any incident complained of.

When we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge it by the same method by which it was received and we will do so within 3 working days (which, for the purpose of this procedure means Monday to Friday). We may ask you for further information to assist us in conducting the investigation.

We will investigate your complaint and we aim to give you a response within 10 working days setting out our findings and, if appropriate, detailing what we intend to do to remedy any shortcomings identified. If we are not able to give you a full response within that time scale, we will let you know and we will tell you when we anticipate being able to provide that response. Our detailed response will always be given in writing or by email.

You are entitled to complain to the local authority responsible for licensing our business, the cars and our drivers. Which council is responsible varies depending upon a number of factors. When we write to you with our response, we will give you the details of the appropriate council to complain to if you are unhappy with our response. We will give you this information earlier if you request it.

How to find us
2A Stephenson Street
Thornaby On Tees
TS17 6AL
Tel: 01642 666666
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